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Contributions and editorial guidelines

This site is not a blog aiming at simply delivering the thoughts of one person. Contributions are welcome. They will nevertheless be screened. The chief editor  will take care of the good application of the editorial guidelines below.

The site does not deliver any truth. It presents:
- accounts of experiences
- original research
- accounts of research or testimonies published else where: books or films analyses, syntheses of works on a given topic.
Debates about the texts are welcome.
Publishing criteria illustrate the above principles. Contributions must be in line with the site's theme and ethos; they must help in the readers’ reflection:
- by leaving them free; they do not aim at convert reader to any philosophical or religious truth
- by giving enough information to let readers understand on what opinions expressed rely
- by accepting discussion of ideas expressed

The names of authors are mentionned at the beginning of their papers or of the interviews they have done, except when the author is the chief editor. Accounts of personal experiences are anonymized, according to the instructions of those concerned. 



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