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Why ethics here ? Because there are no meaningful projects without a law. Ethics are the law each of us gives to him/herself and that tells us what we allow ourselves to do or not to do. This goes beyond simply obeying the norms and rules of the social group we belong to and is linked with our deep self.
The relationship between ethics and our “compass” are at least two-fold.
On the one hand, tricking with the law, our law, is the best way to lose contact with our compass. On the other hand, dealing with ethical dilemmas in our actions forces us to reflect on their deep nature, and thus, help us get closer to our compass.
Ethics in action will frequently lead us to face everlasting philosophical questions: how far can we instrumentalize others ? Does the end justify the means ? This brings us to another issue which any quest will carry with it: what matters most, the quality of the journey or reaching the goal ?

We will look here at the role ethics play in the relationship between individuals and their projects. 

A set of articles, among those below, deals wit the ethics of change. Many projects and enterprises seek to change the world or some small part of it, whether or not this is their explicit purpose. We will explore the ethical issues that one faces when willing to change some aspects of the economic and social life; we will also look at how the attitudes towards these issues shape/are shaped by the types of actions and jobs we chose.  


The Ethics of Organizational Change (1)

(1) Issues regarding the purpose and consequences of change

December 2010

This paper is the first in a set of three papers which explore the ethical issues one may face when promoting or facilitating change within an organization. Beyond the peculiarities of organizational change, these papers raise issues that are also relevant when one wants to change something in a group or in a social system in general. Provided they involve several people, many projects we may get involved in are change projects. The papers also show how ethical issues can help or lead people to find their way of acting in the world.

The Ethics of Organizational Change (2)

(2) Issues related to the way change is delivered
January 2012

The Ethics of Organizational Change (3)

(3): How to remain ethical in the midst of everyday living constraints and temptations ?

June 2012

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