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The intent

The aim of this site is to enable those who visit it, or contribute to it, to share their thoughts, feelings  and interrogations about one theme: the quest, or the quests, we are following through our actions in the world, and through the visions which inspire them.

Following a quest, one's quest, is no easy task. A strong hypothesis here is that we have an inner compass for this; when we are connected to it, we do not need anyone else, any theory or any external guide, in order to follow this quest. The difficulty lies in continuously feeling this compass. Often, encounters, conversations, life incidents enable us to maintain or regain this contact.  The purpose of site is simply to offer such opportunities. One need to visit it by following one's inspiration. There is no ambition of delivering any ultimate truth; if the site's creator had the feeling to hold such a truth, he probably would not have created it...

Though all quests are linked, we will not directly deal here with quests that are more explicitly spiritual or religious. There are other places for them. This site is independent from any spiritual or religious group. If one can see spirituality in this site, it is bounded to the idea of self-fulfillment through practical daily life.

The site is not for profit. It does not accept advertising. Contributions are on a volunteer basis. Activities and works that are presented are selected on the basis of their relevance regarding the topics of the site.


#1 Hervé Gouil 2013-05-16 17:58
A propos du positionnement qui privilégie le questionnement: même si « la réponse est le drame de la question » (je ne sais plus qui a dit cela), je trouve à la fois d’une grande honnêteté intellectuelle ce choix et en même temps ressens une frustration à ne pas saisir plus directement un enseignement, une analyse de ce que tes observations t’amènent à proposer comme représentation de la quête. L’approche par petites touches, et différentes hypothèses est subtile, mais les constats ou hypothèses clefs que tu fais ne me semblent pas assez visibles.


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