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The quest: an illusion ?


Here, we will explore points of view according to which there is no quest, or it is just an illusion.  There are at least three of them.
The first one starts from the idea that there is no meaning to the universe and to life. If one follows this thread, then our passionate visions and actions can be viewed as mere agitation, enabling us to forget our nature of mortals and its absurdity, to calm down our anxiety.
Second, whether or not there is a meaning to life, one can also see our actions in the world mainly as a way to cope with the pains and tensions that lie in our memories and sometimes in our unconscious, to symbolically heal or solve them.
Finally, the third point of view is opposed to the first one: it starts from the idea that there is a meaning to life but that it can only be found here and now. Thus, a quest for something which we’ll reach somewhere else and later would only be a flight, getting us further away from this meaning while giving us the illusion of getting closer.


Considering these points of view is crucial. If we follow any quest, to which extent is it anything else than an illusion or a flight ?


What are we chasing after ? A few ways to see our quests as illusions

March 2013

Here are some arguments against the reality of quests, i.e. against the very central theme of this website… and some replies to them.

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