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The vehicles


Our quest, or quests, materialize in projects that we decide to run or in which we collaborate. By “project” here we’ll mean both a vision that inspire an action and the action itself. Projects can relate to concrete actions in the world or to some research we undertake in order to better understand the world or ourselves. When they are meaningful, projects seem like mini-quests contributing to a wider one.
How to make sure that our projects contribute to a wider quest we are following ? How to make sure they help us get closer to the person we want to become ?
Are there laws of projects ? Are there invariants in what one experiences from their genesis to their closure ?
How far is a project a quest ? How far giving ourselves a project is asking ourselves a question ?
And, by the way, do we give ourselves a project or does it take hold of us ? Which one of us is the master of the other ?

Working on ourselves through projects

The different phases of a project inevitably lead us to work on various aspects of ourselves. No one comes out unchanged from a significant project.
How far can we regard a project as projection of our inner world ? How far does this mirror effect make us work on ourselves ?

The Three Marriages

David Whyte, Riverhead Books, 2009.

Reading notes

January 2014


David Whyte is someone worth knowing about if you find some interest in this site… and you may already know him by the way. He is a poet, speaker and essayist who keeps exploring, in many talented ways, the meaning of life and of our quests. You can get more information on him and on what he is doing on www.davidwhyte.com.

In this book, the core idea is that we tend to be engaged in three marriages: the one we can naturally think of, i.e. with a partner in life, the one with our work, i.e. with our actions in the world, and the one with ourselves, i.e. with our true self. The purpose of the book is to explore these marriages, their commonalities, their mutual relationships and the way they can together contribute to a life worth living.  

Encounter with the eagle

vertige-d-une-rencontreAugust 2013

« Vertige d’une rencontre Â» (« The fascination of an encounter Â») is a documentary film by Jean-Michel Bertrand. Unfortunately, it is only in French. If you are familiar with French, go to the French version of this page for a few more details about the film. If you are not, just keep in mind that the film tells the story of the film director’s quest for an encounter with eagles in the French Alps. It is a beautiful film, because of its splendid images of the Alps, of their fauna, and, of course, of eagles, but there is much more in it.

The icons lady

July 2013

Three years ago, I met a lady in her small shop, close to Vézelay basilica, in Burgundy. She is making icons and leads workshops where one can learn how to write icons (she insists: one “writes” icons, and not “paints”).

"Your children are not your children"

June 2013

Here is a short exercise. You may already know this piece from “The Prophet”, the famous book by Khalil Gibran.

“Your children are not your children.

Birth of a Project



 March 21st 13, the first day of Spring.

Since January I’ve been conscious of being at a crossroads. I’ve been obsessed with a certain project which could potentially bring a big change in my life. It came about in a rather strange way, though not that strange from another point of view.

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