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The origin

My name is Denis Bourgeois; I am the founder and the chief editor of this site .

Probably ever since I have been working, I have long been fascinated by the energy of people  when they act along a vision that is theirs and is meaningful to them. I gradually realized that these various visions and actions are means for them to build up themselves. Of course, this applied to me as well. 
This interest was always present, more or less explicitly, in the background of all I did in my life and in the way I may have helped other people. More information about that can be found in the site; most accounts of my own experience are not anonymized. I have now decided to bring this interest to the foreground.

This site is  a way for me to share my own research and thoughts on this theme, the ones I have accumulated for a few decades and those keep coming ot me. Moreover, it is also a way to stimulate the dialogue with others on it.

As often, the idea came to me through unexpected ways. I was working on a book on ethical issues regarding change in organizations and the publisher with whom I had already worked showed little interest in it. Instead of looking for another publisher, I suddenly realized that a website would give me more freedom, more flexibility and more possibility of work evolution than a book. I also thought that my interest in those ethical issues was another way for me to connect to this fundamental theme, the quest for oneself through our actions in the world. Within two days, the idea took shape, the theme was clarified, the site's name was found and the domain names were bought... A sudden birth but probably a rather long gestation. For a few years before, I had had a special feeling when meeting a few other persons who were working, in their own ways, on the same theme; I had felt an invitation to devote more attention and energy to it. I now understand with hindsight that these feelings may well have unconsciouly triggered this project.

Then, I needed to make it happen. As it often does, this phase led me to clarify, at least in some ways, what in me seeks to express itself through this project.  One hardly succeeds in this alone.  I deeply thank the friends and close relations who greatly helped me by their comments and feed-backs on previous drafts of this site.


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